Výrobky Kmeki
For the production of models and we provide consequently forms
according to customer requirements.
We use materials suitable for the production
of concrete certificate required
(eg. non-flammability, food certificate, strength, etc.)
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KMEKI has been in business since 1995, employs approximately 50 people and occupies a 1000 square meters facility in Lánov, Czech Republic. Our products are sold worldwide under KMEKI brand name or sold to other manufacturers via distributors and direct sales.

Architecture and Construction:

  • automobilový a strojírenský průmysl
  • lining trams and trains ( Škoda Transportation, Pars )
  • covers switchboards ( Secheron )
  • engine covers ( Ammann)
  • tuning (Autostyl Janko, ...)
  • carbon parts for the automotive sport (Power by Krámský)

Production for sport:

  • carbon outsole for skates
  • hockey helmets

Tourist Boats:


Architecture and Construction:

  • beams
  • tiles, window sills


  • manual lamination
  • vacuum technology
  • light RTM
  • possibility to use sandwich materials


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